Maes Insights is into all things plastics. That’s why we are always interested in the whereabouts and ideas of other plastics professionals.
Are you a product owner, operator or designer, a mold producer, a process engineer or do you hold another responsible position within the plastics industry? Then we’d be happy to spend some time exchanging ideas on all things plastic.

The production of plastics from design to final product is very complex. It requires specialized people who know what they are doing. The plastics market, production processes and techniques evolve more and more rapidly. How do you keep your people up-to-date and make the right choices?

At Maes Insights we have many years of practical experience and state-of-the-art knowledge of the latest techniques and developments. We like to share that knowledge with people who are just as enthusiastic about plastics as we are.

Welcome to Maes Insights!

Robert Maes