Back up your data !!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT step and you must back up your data in an unfortunate event such as a computer crash or hard disc failure. There are couple ways to it. If you have access to a network server, we recommend the second method described below. The data gets stored in the AppData folder. It is this AppData folder that needs to be protected from being lost. The default path for this folder is
C/ProgramFiles/FIMMTECH/Nautilus_6 /AppData
C/ProgramFiles(X86)/FIMMTECH/Nautilus_6 /AppData (in case of 64 bit)

To save your data, do one of the following:

First Back up Method:

Copy the AppData folder from the above location and save it in a safe place. Do this as often as you can or when you have new data input.

Second Back up Method:

This is the recommended method since you will not have to worry about constant backups. To apply this method, it is VERY important that you have constant and consistent access to the server. For this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy the AppData Folder.
  2. Save it on to a location on your server. For Example, F/ProcessEngineering/Nautilus_6
  3. Open the software.
  4. Go to Master>DatabasePath
  5. Click on Browse Nautilus Database
  6. This will give you the option to find the new location of the AppData folder that you have just placed on the server. Find the AppData folder and open the folder.
  7. You will find the file Nautilus.mdb. Select the file and click on ‘Open’ and then ‘Set’ on the next screen.
  8. You will get the message that the Database path was set successfully and that the Application will restart. Click on OK
  9. The application should restart; if not do it manually.
  10. Check to see the path. It should now reflect the new path and the data is now being saved on your server.

NOTE: You will get an error if you lose connectivity to the server. In such as case, close the software, re-establish your connection and then open the software.

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