Nautilus Software

scientific software to design a robust molding process

Nautilus Scientific Process Engineering Software is developed to facilitate molders with the design, validation and troubleshooting of molding processes. Its application enables the design of robust processes in plastics industry, approaching all ins and outs of injection molding in a scientific way. From warehouse to molding machine, from raw material to molded product: all process parameters can be set based on scientific knowledge, making all processes involved efficient in terms of productivity.


all parameters of the processes involved optimally tuned

Scientific Process Engineering Software induces the evolution and progress of injection molding and material technology. This scientific approach leaves no room for any guess work by applying solid theories of polymer science, injection molding and industrial processes. The software reveals which process parameters influence the outcome of the process in what way, both qualitative ánd quantitative. Scientific processing comes up with the best solution for every engineering challenge. Testing the reliability of the software outcomes, the actual variation in for example product size was predicted with an accuracy of 0,165 %.

Some benefits using Nautilus Software:

  • robust processes
  • higher yield
  • reduced scrap
  • reduced engineering time
  • fewer process changes
  • less human interventions
  • reduced quality inspection
  • optimized cycle times
  • superior quality

Maes Insights delivers this software and provides courses in Scientific Injection Molding to optimize your operational processes. The use of Scientific Molding has greatly enhanced the efficiency of molding operations.

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