Nautilus Software Overview

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Nautilus Scientific Process Engineering Software is developed to facilitate molders with the design, validation and troubleshooting of molding processes. This software comprises:

  • Databases for materials, molds and machines;
  • Mold Machine Compatibility Matrix;
  • 6-Step Scientific Molding Worksheets regarding Viscosity, Cavity Balance, Pressure Drop, Cosmetic Process Window, Gate Seal and Cooling;
  • A customized Design of Experiments (DOE) module¬†designed especially for Injection Molders;
  • Machine Validation worksheets;
  • Quality Module;
  • several Calculations Tools.

overview nautilus software

The Nautilus Software gathers all information for design, validation and troubleshooting in one workenvironment which is easy accessible for all users. All reports are exportable in an Excel format for ease of adding or Copy/Paste it into existing in-house reports.

With the increasing use of advanced concepts in Injection Molding, Scientific Molding Software and Design of Experience Software for Injection Molding are becoming increasingly necessary to manage the projects more efficiently. Maes Insights provides training in Scientific Injection Molding as well as tools for all molding qualifications and molding validations. The use of Scientific Molding has greatly enhanced the efficiency of molding operations.

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